Bella Cucina Catering

Cold Hors d’oeuvres

Antipasto Platter  
marinated vegetables, cheeses & salami  $75.00 

Double Dippers
garden veggies served in a shot glass with herbed veggie dip.
50/$50.00   100/$100.00

Classic Bruschetta 
served with  garlic crostinis
  50/$40.00   100/$80.00

Stuffed  Bruschetta  
a garlic crostini smeared with ricotta cheese then topped with our
classic tomato bruschetta & fresh p
armesan. B
est for events with servers  
50/$50.00  100/$100.00

Italian Lollipops
mozzarella, olive, tortellini and tomato with a balsamic drizzle   
50/$50.00   100/$100.00

Queso Pinwheels   50/$45.00  100/$90.00

Garden Vegetable Pinwheels  50/$45.00  100/$90.00

Roast Beef Pinwheels  50/$45.00   100/$90.00

Caramelized Bacon Bites 
40/$40.00   80/$80.00

Bloody Mary Shrimp Swizzles 
jumbo shrimp, olive & celery marinated in your favorite cocktail!  
40/$80.00   80/$160.00

Garden Vegetable Tray 
crisp crudites’ served with a homemade dip.
(carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli & pepper strips)  $60.00 

Elegant Cheese Tray
A menagerie of cheeses, spreads & crackers.  
 $85.00 (serves approx. 40)

Fresh Fruit Tray  
honeydewmelon,cantaloupe,pineapple,watermelon(in-season)and strawberries $60.00 

Grinder Picks  
a pimento stuffed olive, pepperoncini, hard salami & mozzarella cheese,
skewered with an herbed olive oil drizzle.  
50/$50.00  100/$100.00

Prosciutto & Blue Cheese Tartlets 
Flaky pastry cups filled with a prosciutto & blue cheese filling  
60/$50.00   120/$100.00

Roquefort Grape Truffles    50/$45.00   100/$90.00 

Stuffed Turkey Silver Dollars
turkey, homemade stuffing and a cranberry spread on a silver dollar sweet roll.
32/$50.00   64/$100.00

Watermelon Caprese Spoons
sweet watermelon & fresh mozzarella with a drizzle of balsamic honey reduction served on a spoon
50/$50.00  100/$100.00 

Baja Shrimp Shooters 
A jumbo shrimp nestled in a shot glass of Ensenada sauce, garnished with fresh cilantro & a lime tortilla twist  40/$80.00   80/$160.00

Fruited Goat Cheese Toasts
goat cheese and "in season fruit" top these honey drizzled crostini bites 50/$40.00  100/$80.00

Cucumber Shrimp Rounds

A cucumber slice topped with herbed boursin and shrimp
50/$55.00  100/$110.00

Warm Hors d’oeuvres

Our Signature
Bella Mushrooms  
stuffed with a blend of sausage, green onion and dried cherries.  50
/$60.00  100/$120.00

Happy Hour Stuffed Mushrooms 
stuffed with fresh herbs, wine, garlic and a menagerie of cheeses  50/$60.00   100/$120.00

Sweet Chicken Crunch with honey mustard dipping sauce.
50pcs/$50.00   100pcs/$100.00

Sausage Stars 
won-ton cups filled with a blend of crumbled sausage, cheeses and herbs.  50/$45.00  100/$90.00

Buffalo Chicken Spread   served with crackers & celery.   $55.00

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus   50/$50   100/$100.00 

Warm Cheddar Beer Cheese  
served with petite potatoes and soft pretzel bite dippers  $65.00 

Blackberry & Brie Bites 
50/$50.00   $100/$100.00

Warm Artichoke & Mozzarella Bruschetta
(best baked on site)
50/$50.00  100/$100.00

Cranberry Glazed Cocktail Meatballs   50/$45.00   100/$90.00

Gorgonzola  Triangles
Gorgonzola cheese and a savory blend of herbs and spices wrapped in buttery filo.   
50/$50.00  100/$100.00

Silver Dollar Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches
served on silver dollar rolls with Dijon creme.  50/$160.00

Baked Reuben Spread 
everything you like in the sandwich and more!   Served with cocktail ryes   $60.00

White Chocolate &  Brie Tartlets
creamy brie, orange marmalade and a white chocolate drizzle.  60/$50.00  120/$100.00

Italian Sausage Bites
in a roasted red pepper marinara 
50/$45.00   100/$90.00

Petite Potato Pearls
 roasted bite sized  potatoes served with a herbed creme for dipping on the side

Mozzarella Cheese Puffs (best baked on site)  50/$50.00  100/$100.00  

"Mashed" Martini Bar
creamy mashed potatoes served in a single-use martini glass, that guests create their own masterpiece with, by adding there own toppings.  Toppings include: gravy, shredded cheese, crispy shallots, sour cream, butter and crumbled bacon.  50 mashed martinis/$175.00    100 mashed martinis/$350.00
Best executed with a server.

Mac & Cheese Martini Bar
Homemade mac & cheese served in a single-use glass in with which guests create their own masterpiece by adding their own toppings such as hot cheetos, bacon, shredded cheese, crushed potato chips, diced tomato and hot sauce.
50 martinis/$175.00   100 martinis/$350.00
Best executed with a server.

                               "A good cook is like 
 a sorceress 
                              who dispenses happiness    - Elsa Schiapirelli

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