On weekdays for lunch there is a 10 guest minimum.
On evenings and weekends there is a 25 guest minimum.  
Breakfasts have a 30 guest minimum.
Sundays we are closed.
A final number of guests and a menu need to be set
no later than 1 week in advance of your event

A La Carte Orders?
We do not sell lunch/dinner items a la carte.
We sell them in packages as found on the menu.

Our delivery service includes delivery to your destination and the set up of food purchased from Bella Cucina in the pans they arrive in.
We deliver your food in warmers to keep it hot & delicious,
once received, it is your responsibility to keep it warm.

If it will be sitting out more than 30 minutes, 
 we recommend using wire chaffing racks and sterno heat to keep it warm.
If you are using your own chaffing racks
please have them out and ready(with water and sterno)
for us to place the food directly into.

We can provide a wire chaffing rack/sterno and water pan:  $15.00 per set
We do not lend out our trays/serving pieces. 
A delivery cost applies depending where we are delivering to
and the difficulty of the delivery.

In regard to appetizers/sandwich trays etc. 

 we have a $100.00 weekday minimum and a 

$200.00 evening/weekend order minimum order for delivery.


              Bella Cucina Professional Servers 
are available for events serving 50 or more guests. 

Pleasant, uniformed & efficient, they will assist with your event from start to finish.  

     With Service, comes the use of our chaffers, silver trays, unique serving pieces and food warmers.  
                  The servers arrive early, set up the buffet, replenish and serve your food to your guests.
                                  They keep things tidy and clean and wrap up left overs for you. 
                                       The number of servers required for an event varies.  
                             We take into account the use of real stemware, eating utensils and china,
                                                  as well as the location and desired service.

                                               Service fees are $30.00 per server, per hour.
                                         We have a minimum 2 server/4 hour rate.
  Keep in mind set up and clean up when booking times

                                                   Below you will see our basic service chart.  
                              More often than not, the chart gives an accurate number of servers.  
                         At times the number of servers required will go up, rarely will it go down.
                                                                                      Travel fees may apply to jobs outside of Joliet

Appetizer Parties~ 2 servers per first 50 guests for a buffet. 
                                Additional servers at our discretion.
                                A passed appetizer event would require additional servers. 

Buffet Dinner~ 2 servers per first 50 guests
Dinner Buffet with rentals~3 servers per 50 guests
Bartenders~  1 bartender per 50 guests


Payment is due in full upon receiving your catered goods, 
in the form of cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.   
Payment in full may be due in advance for events such as weddings and/or funerals,
or if paying by a charge card.
All prices are subject to an 9.75% city and state sales tax.

Is gratuity automatically added on?   
Gratuity is never included and always appreciated.

                     NO.  Every inch of our little shop is an operating kitchen 
and we simply dont have room.  Also everything is homemade and it just is not cost and time efficient for us.  We can supply references if you would like.

Yes. In increments of #50 guests

Appetizer Settings 

Clear, upscale appetizer plates (2 per guest and cocktail napkins 3 per guest)  $35.00
Dessert Settings 
Clear, upscale dessert plates, fork and napkins

(1 plate, napkin and fork per guest) $20.00

Dinner Buffet Upgrade
you can upgrade from standard silverware packages, which are included,
to heavy duty disposable utensils rolled in a linen-like napkin (+.50 per guest)

Because we are busy spending every minute before your event, preparing fresh,
homemade, d
elicious food, we do not handle rentals personally.  
But, we are happy to work with your rentals. 

The answer to this is best explained in an article I recently read...

#1 Health & Liability Reasons:

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The reason why many caterers do not allow anyone, including the host who paid for the affair, to take home leftover food is because of health and liability issues. First, it has to be understood what goes on in a kitchen during the serving of the meal. Food has been sitting in a convection or warming oven or chafing dishes staying hot until time to serve it. Then it is out while guests are making their plates. Sometimes if it an outdoor event, it is out in warm summer temperatures.

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After the party is over and the host says all his goodbyes and starts to pack up his family to leave, that’s when he comes for his leftovers. Now they will be transported in his car. That food may well have sat out of refrigeration for three or more hours! Bacteria will have started to grow. This is a danger to the host’s family and a liability issue for the caterer. Caterers would rather throw away what looks like perfectly good food to you,  rather than risk anyone getting sick from it.

#2 Profit Margins
As far as the caterer being reluctant to give all the leftovers to the host, maybe keeping some for himself, one needs to understand the dollars and cents: let’s say the host orders and pays for 100 guests. In order not to embarrass the host or to ruin their own reputation, most caterers will bring approximately 10% extra food. But they were only paid for the 100 guests, unless they serve that extra 10%. If those 10 extra portions are left over, it came straight from the caterer’s profit margin. It really does belong to the caterer.  Also some caterers send extra food so the staff is able to have a bite as well.

With this being said, Bella Cucina believes if you paid for the food
it is yours and i
f we are 100% certain the food is safe for you to enjoy at a later time,
we are more than happy to wrap it up for you.  
But, if we have any doubt, you may see us tossing it to be safe.  
Our customers health is our number one priority!

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