Bella Cucina

opened its doors 13 short years ago in a cute little historical building
on the corners of Jefferson & Raynor, in the St. Pat's neighborhood, here in Joliet.

We are a local, family owned, licensed and insured catering kitchen.

It is a family affair...

I have always loved gathering in the kitchen.
There is just something magical about throwing in a pinch of this and a dash of that
and having it create something yummy.

I come from a long line of kind, beautiful, hardworking, women
who also happen to be fabulous cooks, so I really think this is in my blood.

(p.s. my Dad also rocks in the kitchen)  
My Mom and Aunts could just whip things up and they would be delicious.
Some of my earliest and happiest memories  are baking and cooking in the kitchen
with both of my Grammas as a little girl.
My Gramma Nora made the best divinity, fudge fancies and chicken soup & dumplings,
while my Gramma Hibler made the best potica and fried chicken ever!

My sons Jake and Max and my daughter Devinn 
 can be found in the kitchen helping or out overseeing catering events. 
 I am also lucky enough to have my daughter Devinn by my side
here in the kitchen cooking with me a few days a week.  
There is always plenty of music and laughing here in our kitchen.
Sometimes even my husband Bob makes an appearance!
One of my favorite menu items is a family recipe, my Aunt Joann's Cranberry Meatballs. 
Again, It all goes back to good family memories, lots of laughs and delicious food. 
Every time I make them I think of her and smile.

From our salad dressings and appetizers,
to our chickens and desserts....
We take pride in everything that leaves our kitchen
and goes into yours!
We are Creative & Passionate about Great Food! 
Please call us to discuss your catering needs.
We would love to cook for you!

Michelle Jankowski  ~Owner

 Where the secret ingredient really is LOVE 

Please email questions to:
800 West Jefferson St,  Joliet IL,

           updated 1/19              


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